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morning. >> the call to lakin from the obama administration stems from what happened at the metro stations 7 months ago. the deadly metro collision. other safety issues at subway systems across the nation are some reasons why the government wants to step in. a lot in place since 1965 have president of federal government from regulating the subway systems. they planned to introduce a proposal to congress. congressman graemham is in favo, but some say it's another way for the gunman to grab more power. some lawmakers are concerned over how much the proposal will cost. a metro spokesperson says this is very preliminary, but the agency is in favor of more safety oversight. kathy park reporting. >> thank you. also, virginia railway express no longer expects delays of fredericksburg line today. it said last week signal work with the clippers their schedules behind, but the work went faster than they expected. the fredericksburg and manassas lines wi operate on normal schedules today. >> president obama is in china on his four nation tour through asia he is in beijing for a two-day visit with the
. >>> president obama deciding what to do next in afghanistan, but in congress the question is, who's going to pay for it? we'll share your views. >>> and during the holidays paula deen goes whole hog. not always a good thing. see what made the celebrity chef run for cover during a food drive. >>> this is hln "news and views." hello. i'm richelle carey, thanks for your time. >>> something just came into the newsroom. the florida teen set on fire in that vicious attack is getting an apology. 13-year-old jeremy jarvis is the younger brother of one of the three boys charged in that attack last month. the attack on 15-year-old michael brewer who suffered burns ober 6 5% of his body. jeremy and another boy were released after the state declined to press charges. police say he watched what happened. he didn't take part, though. that's what they say. and here's jeremy's statement to reporters a short time ago ichlgts wanted to express my deepest sympathy to mikey and his family. i will pray for mikey stronger every day and for mikey's speedy recovery. i want to tell my brother that i love and miss him. i
they have the momentum to push through health care reform, which is president obama's top domestic priority. there are a handful of holdouts. we'll get to that. mike barnicle with us. willie geist scampering in like a bunny. >> i don't want to hear the nay sayers. mike barnicle, this is big. big mo. >> what a bunch of nerds. the nerd celebration down there. >> it's great, baby. it's good. >> lots of headlines this morning beyond health care reform. we'll get to that. >> we're packed. >> there are some nay sayers who say it's dead on arrival. >> what did you say? >> i'm excited for them. >> be happy for them. >> what i am talking about is just how much one will pay for a vote. the louisiana purchase, "the washington post" reporting this morning just how much senator landrieu's vote cost. we'll have that. >> speaking of purchases. >> you got the coffee. >> in the grocery store on saturday, i purchased this. >> up in boston, huh? >> that's good. in your local grocery store. little advertisement. also, a storeevey of another key having trouble with the catholic church, or perhaps just rabble ro
that encircled the memorial site. ♪ amazing grace shepard: president obama delivered words of comfort to the crowd telling the loved once those -- ones those lost will endure, their memories will live on. >> their life's work is our security. and the freedom that we all too often take for granted. every evening that the sun sets on a tranquil town, every dawn that a flag is unfullered, every moment that an american enjoys life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that is their legacy. shepard: and before president obama stepped from the stage to pay tribute to each victim, he alluded to the growing suspicion that religion motivated these murders. saying there is no faith that just fice these acts -- justifies these act bus tonight we're seeing new evidence the accused killer nidal hasan may have disagreed with. that kathryn has detained -- detain l tailed on the investigation. first rick who was on the scene today and the mood today. what did the cameras not capture? >> you know, for me it was the sound of silence and it reminded me of when pope benedict john paul ii's health was fa
means a very big change for one of the shuttle's crew. >>> president obama will announce his new plan for a troop increase in afghanistan tuesday, plus new information on what he might be saying. the troops who may get called to deploy as soon as the end of next month. >> it's like christmas every day. >> this man is a freegan. we'll tell you exactly what that term means. you're watching hln. i'm richelle carey. black friday is in full swing. stores are offering any number of door buster deals to get you and other bargain hunters to open up your wallets. early birds hit some stores on thanksgiving and more retailers opened at midnight. people are snapping up deals, practical gifts and hard-to-find items as well. laptops, cameras, flat panel tvs, gps devices are flying off the shelves. retailers are hoping this season will be the reseverse of last yr which was one of the worst in decades. by tradition black friday is the day shoppers would push stores into profitability for the year, but many customers say they are watching their budget. >> we got here at like 2 a.m. she wanted to brin
at home and abroad, to govern the country. it's a serious challenge for president obama, who soon has to decide whether to send tens of thousands of extra troops to combat the taliban. partly on whether he can trust karzai. many agree it will take more than just military might to meet those goals requiring karzai to live up his promises of boosting his own security forces and provide a table government. jeremy, vinita? >>> attorney general eric holder is taking heat from congress to try top terror suspects in new york city. republican senators argued a civilian trial would give suspected 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammad and others a world stage for propaganda. they said a civilian jury could acquit him. holder says that will not happen. >>> the senate has finally released a version of the health care reform bill. the total cost, $849 billion over 10 years. senate democrats claim it would cut the deficit by $127 billion. they promise coverage to 94% of americans. democrats say they will raise money for the plan through higher payroll taxes for the rich and taxes on cosmetic
it does not happen again. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> president obama is said to be close to deciding on a war strategy in afghanistan. he will reportedly approved most of the 40,000 additional troops requested with deployments likely beginning in january. mr. obama meets with his war council tomorrow and then leaves for asia on thursday. there probably will not be announcement on this until he gets back. >>> police are looking into a double shooting overnight that left a man dead and another in the hospital. this happened after midnight on 21st street. they were taken to the hospital where one died. >>> u.s. senators are looking into a probe at safety lapses in metro. since spring, metro officials barred independent monitors from walking the tracks looking for problems. metro says there has been a misunderstanding of the monitors were allowed to approach the tracks if accompanied by safety escorts. >>> major changes will likely be approved to legalize same-sex marriage in the district. these changes will include a provision that will make it easier for churches to avoid h
. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> as president obama returns from asia today there is an important development on capitol hill. >> the senate version of health care reform has finally been made public. now let the debate begin. john hendren has the details from washington. good morning to you, john. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. after weeks of negotiations, senate democratic leaders unveiled their health care reform plan. they'll have to corral every supporter to get it to the president's desk. president obama called senate democrats' new health care reform bill a critical milestone. >> tonight begins the last leg of this journey that we've been on now for some time. >> reporter: the total cost is pegged at $849 billion over 10 years. they claim it would cut the deficit by $127 billion over that period. while ensuring coverage for 94% of americans, including 31 million people who now have no coverage. >> and there's one sign that i think not only defines this moment, but also is going to define what's going to happen in
in. now it's your time. i'm just going to be quiet. >>> president obama is signaling his intentions to send thousands of u.s. troops to afghanistan despite slipping public support for the war. an announcement is expected early next week likely during a primetime address on tuesday. although most details are not yet public, including the exact number of troops and specific exit strategies, the president says he intends to destroy terror networks during the course of his administration. >>> meanwhile, the president is also reaching out to india, another major player in the region. the country's prime minister was the guest of honor last night at the first state dinner. although there were plenty of big hollywood and media names on hand, the focus turned to international relations. >> tonight we gather again for the first state dinner of my presidency with prime minister manmohan singh and mrs. gersherwan as we celebrate the growing partnership between the united states and india. mr. prime minister, today we work to fulfill our duty, bring our countries closer together than ever befor
with barack obama an early supporter, they were supporters of obama. he talked with google about an open net and supporting places like silicon valley. the reality is that engineers as britent as understanding science, they lack and in feeling. gates would question his motives. he thought he was doing good. he thought he was creating an operating system this was universal. what gates doesn't understand is fear. fear would move dpens them. microsoft now is on the other side lobbying. google has too much sway over advertising. the same kind of people had an interest in the competition >> check out this picture. they have 2 (000) 000-0000? >> they have $21 billion. >> after only being in business 11 years. >> that's roughly the same amount of ad dollars. >> these are just the little ads off to the right-hand side. and it's 2/3 of what all the newspapers are bringing in >> i'll read this to you, "two millionaires who would buy this straight from it's all over you tube. can you find it there. you can. it's a retreat. it's kind of like a wood stock retreat in oout in the desert. it's in late augus
. >>> president obama is on his way to ft. hood where he will speak at a memorial service for those that lost their lives at the military post last week. more than 3,000 people are expected to be at the ceremony. kimberly suitors joins us now with more on that and the investigation into the shooting. good morning, kimberly. >> good morning, kimberly. president obama and mrs. obama is expected to be in mt. hood soon. and in the meantime, the fbi and federal investigators from the department of defense continue toÑi pore over hisy=u5qmet computers, and trying to explain why anybody would shoot over 100 rounds atxdxd the ÑiÑiserviceme women. >> reporter: in anticipation of a base-wide memorial service. the president and first lady will meet privately of the families of the fallen, and the wounded. a battle buddy survived. >> i said, no, you are not going to die. i prommice you will be okay. i will take care of you. >> scarred after 13 people were killed, and 29 injured in last week's mass shooting. the alleged shooter, major hasan is now awake but being advised not to talk by his attorney. wh
obama is on his way to afford to participate in a memorial for the shooting victims there. disturbing new details emerging about the background of the suspects, including electronic communications with a radical muslim cleric in yemen. officials confirmed that major hasan 10 cents or 20 e-mails -- hasan sent 10 or 20 e-mails. they conducted an assessment of hasan but decided he did not pose a threat. the imam is used his website to encourage muslims and on the world. major hasan is recovering from his wounds. he is said to be talking to his doctors and his lawyer. we are learning this morning he will be tried in a military court. let's get to rick, who is on hand for the memorial service there. >> the service is to begin three hours from now. you might be able to see a crowd of media behind me waiting to be screened to get inside. the service described to us as being a traditional memorial service. it will feature an invitation from the chapel and remarks from the base commander, from the army chief of staff, and also president obama. it will, of course, honor the 13 who were killed -
, deputy reserves and some 200 volunteers. the obama administration had removed some of the sheriff's authority to arrest illegals, so the sheriffs used state laws instead. it was a early wake-up call onboard space shuttle atlantis. >> good morning, atlantis. and good morning, bobby. >> good morning. i just wanted to thank my wife -- gretchen: in a few minutes the shuttle will start docking with the international space station. atlantis will also do a pirouette so nasa can make sure there isn't any damage on the underbelly. those are your headlines this morning. steve: a nice way of nasa -- gretchen: i didn't know they do ballet. steve: they do a little flip so they can look at the belly. all right. harry reid is going to finally unveil his health care bill. it apparently has been merged. he has said all along they've been waiting for the official numbers from the congressional budget office to find out how much this thing is going to actually cost. and just to show how much the president wants this to pass, he is dispatching former colorado senator and interior secretary ken salaza
. remembering the victims of fort hood. president obama gets ready to leave washington to honor the fallen in texas. >>> and tropical storm ida comes ashore in alabama. we will see if the remnantses will affect our region. good morning. i am andrea roane. it is tuesday november 10. tropical storm ida on the gulf coast. will we feel any of its effects? howard bernstein has our forecast. >> a little bit andrea. >>> south and east especially to the norfolk region will see more of that more moderate rain from ida. not too many clouds. a few breaks with peeks of sunshine here and there at this hour as temperatures warming into the 50s in most areas. although manassas and martinburg at 48 degrees. lots of 55 from national, annapolis, eastton. cambridge. the river keeping quantico cooler. they are at 50. temperatures climbing into the low, even middle 60s for highs. average high 59. lots of clouds but mainly dry, i think there is a slim chance of a sprinkle -- better chance tonight. 9:01. time for a traffic update. hello angie. >> hello everybody. welcome to the 9:00 hour. let's take a look at th
on the nob with different celebrities. that is the second time she was photographed with president obama. >> i couldn't believe that. >> and what happens with people like this. when you meet solve promoters. there is a dark underbelly in their story. they have all sorts of civil suits and creditors after them. >> they filed if chapter 7 . the husband. tarey is in a family over the families winery. i was surprised by what the friends had said. they thought they really were on the guest list. there must be a psychology behind believing you that you are that popular. 1800 gueststs at l wedding. >> no one could see the invitation . president is opening up a full review of this incident. you heard what happened. they drove up in their car. the car was denied and they got out of the car and walk to a separate enthance. i am not sure you robbery to the white house is impossible even when you are supposed to be there. >> they check you out from every aspect of your life and . to get in. yet these people not on the guest list and though background check, it is amazing. >> who has lived in dc and
. the obamas will join the grieving families and a lot of people are wearing red, white and blue on this sunny day. >>> the national rifle association wants to stop florida adoption agencies from asking couples if they own guns. the nra claims that the very question invades the privacy of gun owners. it violates a federal law that prohibits the state from registering guns. the child welfare department says gun ownership question is included on some but not all forms that parents fill out. there's legislation being introduced to block the question from being on forms. this is a your views topic for today. richelle carey joins us to talk about what you have to say. >> this comes from a couple that wanted to adopt a child. they had a form that had the question on it. they didn't like having to answer the question about whether or not they had guns and they thought about suing but instead went the legislative route. that's how we got here. we've been listening to what you have to say about this story. we took our views cams down to the streets and got this comment from another chuck. >> my view on
anthony sowell lived. >> unbelievable. dick, we appreciate it. >>> president obama is in south korea on the latest stop of his asian tour. he's scheduled to meet with that country's president tomorrow. they will discuss a free trade agreement and north korea's nuclear program. yesterday the president was in china to meet with the premier there. he accepted an invitation to visit the u.s. next year and president obama took time to walk along a section of china's great wall. he called the experience magical. >>> somali pirates have attacked a u.s. flagged cargo ship for the second time. european union naval force say weapons were fired at the "maersk alabama" this morning. private security guards on the ship fired back and turned them away. the "maersk alabama" was hijacked back in april. pirates took captain richard phillips hostage for five days before navy sharp shooters freed them. pirate attacks are increasing. there have been 29 successful hija hijackings so far this year. >>> hillary clinton is on a surprise visit to afghanistan. that's her first trip there as secretary of state
it was too late. president obama's job approval rating has hit a new low. 46 percent of americans now disapprove of the job the president is doing. i see what is happening it is both. 46 percent approve and 46 percent disapprove . that is down from june. the president's disapproval rating dipped below the 50 percent of the gall up poll. nato is close to finalizing a deal with the obama administration to send more troops in afghanistan. 3,000 to 7000 troops being be headed there once president obama decides on a strategy for the war. a fox new poll finds that 52 -- 42% support sending the troops there. >> a sentencing the leader of the plot to blow up the sears taur 14 years in prison. he was convicted of conspiring to send to al qaeda ask waging war in the united states. sentencing will be 5-8 years. the sears tower was renamed the willis tower. >> big bang machine back in action . 10 million atom danger suffered severe damage because was a electrical fault and then a bird draped a baget in a value. since it was repaired it was turned on for the first time yesterday. they are ready fo
's handling of hasan's e-mails and president and mrs. obama head to texas tomorrow to take part in a memorial service for the ft. hood victims. jim, back to you. >> jackie bensen. thank you, jackie. >>> the supreme court today refused to block the execution of john allen muhammad. that means he will be put to death in less than 24 hours now. muhammad's lawyers argue that he is mentally ill and should not be put to death for terrorizing the washington area back in 2002. the supreme court did not comment on its refusal to stay the execution. for many, the execution tomorrow will end a dark chapter in the the d.c. area's history. a year after 9/11, the terror the city felt during the sniper attacks is difficult to describe now. lives were lost, routines were changed. things as simple as buying groceries or pumping gas were no longer simple tasks. but not everyone deeply impacted by muhammad and his actions will be watching tomorrow. christ gordon has our report. >> i saw a flash of light. heard a gigantic sound. a window exploded and shots came in and i was just being shot. >> reporter: restaura
the entire bill. and they had been very supportive of president obama so if you've got these abortion rights groups who are opposed to the bill, that is not good for the president and that's why he went on tv last night to say just that. gretchen: exactly. and during our political panel we had a strategist who said to me off camera that if this stays the way it is, she will not be a democrat anymore. so it's going as far as that, that they are going to oppose the way the current bill reads. brian: i'm wondering tactically if nancy pelosi is firmly pro-choice and she's the one who put this pro in, does she think with a wink and a nod she knows it's going to go bye-bye and that's why she's telling her colleagues to vet yes to begin with? gretchen: that would be a lot of political maneuvering. steve: that's washington. brian: it's going to alienate half of congress. gretchen: there's a tropical storm, ida, dumping heavy rain on the gulf coast. four states, though, still deklaverring a state of emergency. one of them is florida. that's where we find crai boswen fort walton beach. >> good morning
that one of president obama's desires was to look forward, not backward. there was talk of holding serious investigations about how we got into the war in iraq and all the various lines and misleading information that was part of that whole scenario, but that has not happened. >> what have you learned so far? >> as i said, how powerful the process can be. >> do you have one in mind that was more powerful than others? >> you can go through all of american history. one of the most interesting is harry truman investigating the defense industry during world war two. he got away with it. he is a democrat in the senate, investigating franklin roosevelt's activities in spending in the war, bringing top defense contractors and putting them on the carpet and saving the country billions of dollars when they look at some of these contracts and how they were read. there were air men that were flying in airplanes were the engines were falling off. they would bring in somebody like curtis of curtis aircraft and tell them that the specs are wrong if the winds aloft. -- with wins all off w allings fall of
because u.s. leaders didn't send more troops. the report comes ahead of president obama's announcement tomorrow about whether he's going to send more troops to afghanistan. >>> okay. are you going to be shopping at work today? this is what they call cyber monday when a lot of people hit the web to buy holiday gifts. problem, many people do it on company time. jennifer westhoven is here. you and i can say it's part of our job. >> i have to research the deals. >> exactly. good morning. >> good morning. i mean, one thing you should really all know about cyber monday it's just a big marketing gimmick. it's not the busiest day for shopping or not even necessarily the big deals. take that marketing gimmick and make it your game. there are deals out there if you didn't want anything to do with the black friday crowds. maybe that's too much for you. maybe this is the time you start doing your shopping. store trade group predicts more americans will buy online compared to last year. sears web page has 15% off appliances, lots of other deals, too. best buy has a 19-inch hd tv. of course, i don't
this. >>> two suspected parry crashers got closer to president obama than originally thought. now the secret service is talking about how they got in. hey, there. thanks for having us over. i'm virginia cha, this is hln. we hope your weekend is going well. the number one golfer in the world is recovering from a car accident. patrol officers plan to interview tiger woods today. he was treated and released from the hospital after crashing his car in to a tree near his home early yesterday morning. here is what we know about this accident at this point. after the crash, his wife told police she used a golf club to break the back window of tiger's suv to pull him out. paramedics say when he got there he was in and out of consciousness had cuts to his lower and upper lip and had blood on his mouth. it was not alcohol-related. we talked to the police chief about this crash. >> reporter: why did his wife have to bash it in with the golf club? >> what i understand, she said the doors were locked so she could not gain entry. >> reporter: she had a golf club with her at the time? >> i don't
congressmen. he has stated publicly that he believes it is a clear act of terrorism. president obama and the first lady are expected to be among thousands in fort hood. we are awaiting the white house departure to texas. you will see live coverage this afternoon on the fox news channel of the president's trip. patti ann: now to the battle over health-care reform. democrats raising alarms over the cost of the bill moving through congress. the senate is under pressure now from the president to follow the house and pass overhaul legislation that could cost trillions. "the new york times" is reporting that moderate democrats are worried that the current proposal will not keep the president's promise to rein in health-care spending. stu varney joins us. 39 house democrats voted against the health care overhaul. "the new york times" is reporting that democratic senators are also getting squeamish. they're not convinced the bill will pay for itself. >> "the new york times" front page says some democrats are in trouble because they fear it will not deal with runaway health-care costs. the pr
week president obama authorized a new direct meeting with pyongyang. the white house is dispatching a senior diplomat to the country in hopes of jump starting multinational talks over north korea's nuclear program >>> three american hikers who strayed into iranian territory last summer from neighboring iraq have been charged by an iranian prosecutor with espionage. the three have been detained since july when their family said they accidentally strayed across the border from iraq. the charges indicate tehran may plan to put the americans on trial and use them as political leverage in their ongoing stand-off with the west over iran's nuclear ambitions. iranian president ahmadinejad hopes he can convince them they were not spying, but says they deserve some punishment for entering the country illegally. >>> today president obama will be one among many attending a memorial service at ft. hood in texas to remember the 13 people gunned down last week by a fellow soldier as nbc's jay gray reports, the day of mourning comes amid new information about the suspect. >> reporter: u.s. intellig
crashers. the white house has confirmed the salahi's met president obama in the receiving line. the probe in to how the couple got past security is moving closer to a criminal investigation to see if they misrepresented themselves at the security gate. their attorney insists the couple was cleared by the white house to be there. 9 news now's armando trull has more from the information center. >> reporter: the virginia couple that came to dinner at the white house without an invitation, possibly hoping it would secure them a spot on real house wives of dc has a welcome dose of reality. >> the reality phenomenon is driving people to do drastic things. >> reporter: they may have been seeking the limelight when they crashed the state dinner, met president obama in the receiving line and then posted pictures with vice president biden and other celebrities on facebook. >> there's a all kinds of ambition in washington and this is just the latest example of it sort of running amok. >> running amok got them the media spotlight instead of the limelight. their winery filed for bankruptcy. their aus
. speaking of george bush, in an analysis speec, looks at the lae obathe way obama goes about the decision making process. later on, there is a quote from lawrence wilkerson, a retired army colonel. let's get to your thoughts on what we are learning that the president will in fact add more troops to afghanistan. we will hear from sam from west new york, new jersey. caller: it is time to get out of afghanistan and iraq. doing a war on terrorism with our mighty military might, with tanks and planes this kind of like trying to exterminate cockroaches with a sledgehammer. it is absolutely pointless. what happened on 9/11 was more of a crime that it was an act of war. >> how do you generally fill about the use of u.s. troops. are you almost always against it, or is of the circumstances here? guest: it is the circumstances here. after 9/11, i was almost in support of what bush wanted to do in going in iraq. after the anger fades, you have to look reality end use reason. that is why i like obama. he goes with his gut. host: thank you. scott, independent. caller: good morning. host: good morning.
her out on a blanket. >>> today president obama will visit u.s. troops in osan air base. he left beijing this morning after meeting with china's premier. earlier today the president visited great wall of china and stepped three steep -- climbed three steep segments and described the wall at spectacular. what a picture to have of yourself late to on the wall. >>> your holiday travels already more expensive this year because a surcharge that the airlines added on for the busiest days. now we learn the surcharges won't end after the holidays as they were supposed to. jennifer westhoven is telling us why. >> like they were a trial and said, oh, look. you're willing to pay them, we're willing to keep charging you. the writing seems to be on the wall if you want to fly on a busy day this year it's going to cost you more. at least among these three airlines. delta, northwest and united. they all tried the holiday surcharges and the are adding them to many busy days all through memorial day. so one example is, the day after the super bowl. it will cost you $50 more to fly. they added a l
month shy of his first wedding anniversary. >> the obama's spent time with some of the members of the families who had loved ones killed in the war. >> in an unscheduled veteran's day visit, president obama spent time among the graves at arlington national cemetery, specifically at once from afghanistan. she -- he is considering sending more troops. >> as long as i am commander in chief, america is going to do right by them. >> the former secretary urged the president to hurry. >> it is important that he makes his decision soon because there are young men and women out there carrying the battle that are at great risk. >> the commander in chief at with advisers today. he is looking at all options. one calls for 44,000 more troops. and vice-president wants to send as few as 10,000 troops. there are some plans for up to 35,000 more. it is backed by several people. almost as many new forces as requested by a general. obama is looking at past numbers. >> back to focusing on al qaeda and pushing the taliban back so we can withdraw from the region eventually. >> short term, more u.s.
benjamin netanyahu and president obama meeting behind closed door at the white house. the two are expected to discuss the nuclear standoff between iran and the middle east peace process. netanyahu spoke to a group earlier today. he left the u.s. even before his meeting with president obama is in the books. that's considered unusual and a bit of a sign that either relations are strained after netanyahu defied the president's call to free settlement construction in the west bank or that potentially, at least, president obama is waiting now until one side or the other in the peace process seems serious before lending cameras and legitimacy to it. the president has since relaxed that demand, an gering the palestinians who accused him of giving in to israel. they are the three american hikers detained in iran since the summer and, tonight, word that prosecutors in tehran are looking to formally charge the americans with espionage. that's according to a report by state-run media inside iran. the three hikers are just fattal fattal, sara shore and james bowrd. iranian authorities arrested them in
result. >> the obama administration says federal courts are the best place to try these terror suspects, but many families of the victims approached holder after his turn in the hot seat, telling him they aren't convinced. joe brown, cbs news, washington. >> the critics argue that the trial will give the terrorists stage despite hateful rhetoric. but such concerns are misplaced because judges can control unruly defendants and any pronouncements would make the terror suspects look worse. >>> health and human services secretary, kathleen says federal policy on who should get breast cancer screenings has not changed. she issued the statement to ease confusion over a government task force panel that said that routine mammograms are not necessary for most women in their 40s. the panel instead recommends that women at low risk should not get strained until they are in their 50s and then only every other year. on 9news now this morning, dr. rachel brem at george washington university hospital told andrea roane the recommendations are a huge step backwards. > mammography is the single best way
obama landed in seoul, south korea, the last stop in his weeklong asian tour. he left beijing this morning and arrived at the air base. he will be meeting with u.s. troops and has a meeting scheduled with the south korean president. earlier today the president visited the great wall of china and met with the china premier. we have surveillance video that i think is going to make your jaw drop. everything was quiet at a utah oil refinery and then suddenly, bam, a huge explosion the investigators say the fireball soared 100 feet, knocked a nearby home off its foundation and damaged almost 100 others. thankfully, amazingly, nobody was hurt. two weeks later this is still being investigated. the plant has shut down voluntarily. >>> so your holiday travel's already more expensive because of surcharges at the airlines added on for the busiest days. now we're learning the surcharges are not ending after the new year. money expert, jennifer westhoven, i thought the whole pitch was, this is just for the busy holidays. >> it was just for those busy holidays but then they said, you know,
talking to doctors and his lawyer but not investigators. president barack obama and the first lady joined grieving families today. the families of the 13 killed and 29 injured at a memorial service at fort hood. it was an emotional and tearful service honoring the fallen killed during last week's attack on the nation's largest army base. rick leventhal is live with the latest, rick? >> reporter: laura, the crowd size estimated at 15,000 people at times completely silent. men and women in uniform standing tall, proud, respectful, army strong. a somber ceremony at fort hood honoring those killed in last week's shooting spree. >> we come together filled with sorrow for the 13 americans that we have lost. >>> reporter: the president and first lady among the thousands that came out to remember the 12 u.s. soldiers and one civilian gunned down in the rampage. >> this is a time of war. these americans did not die on a foreign field of battle, they were killed here on american soil. every evening that the sunsets on a tranquil town, every dawn that a flag is unfurled, every moment that an america
months following a surgele earlier this year. officials credit new programs. >>> president obama wrapping up his tour of asia where a visit to seoul, south korea where he arrived just a few minutes ago. while in beijing, the president met with china's premier telling them that the u.s.' relationship with china is getting stronger. relationships appear to be easing between the white house an fox newschannel. president obama was expected to speak with the news channel during a rant of interviews overseas. >>> a local convenience store owner is being called a hero. according to prie george's county police, two masked men walked into the food zone in fort washington last night. one of them pulled out a gun and demanded money. the owner hit the gun out of the man's hand, turned it on the suspect and fired off a shot. man was killed. this morning, police are looking for the other suspect who got away. >>> we're learning more about what happened the night a 9- year-old died inside his apartment and the man accused of killing him. in court police said that jose pena wore the same clothes that he
obama announced the creation of the high-value interrogation group. this could be make -- this would be made up of law enforcement agencies and this would be housed at the fbi. this would be overseen by the national security council. can you describe the role that the fbi will be playing in this effort? . playing in this effort and the type of oversight that will be placed on interrogation? >> well, what we've come to call the hig is an effort to gather people in anticipation of the acquisition of the capture of high-value detainees, to have a group of people who are steeped in who these people are, who have determined how we can successfully interrogate them, using methods consistent with our values as an american nation, the fbi will play a part of -- play a part in there, along with members of the intelligence community in acquiring this information and in also devising interrogation techniques that will be effective with regard to the specific person that is in front of them. there will be a team of people for each of those high value -- potential high value detainees. >> when co
, thank you, very much. and now for the first time president obama says the january says the january decline may not happen. the president sitting down with major gator. here's the president on with major garrett. here's the president on closing gtmo. >> i anticipate guantanamo being closed next year. i'm not going to set an exact date because a lot of this depends on cooperation from congress. you can see major garrett's entire interview with the president tonight. right here on the fox news channel. martha: and lawmakers on capitol hill peppering the attorney general with questions about the tragedy at fort hood. they want to know about the newly-emerging astonishing missed warning signs. some reports out there today are that he considered some of his soldier psychiatry patients to be war criminals. >> from the basis of what i know so far, it is disturbing to know that there was this interaction between hassan and other people that i find disturbing. jane: well -- martha: attorney general said they are in the process of gathering information in this case. >> ahead of tomorrow's ina
but there is no time. i basically believe that the americans especially the obama administration must have a first-class exit strategy from afghanistan. within two minutes, i will make five points. >> how about we give you one minute and you may two. -- poitns? >> please do not send your armies in installments. please send at least100,000 immediately into afghanistan. >> that is not going to happen. >> the next point is, once you said that number, then tell the karzai government that on december 31, 2010, you will recall -- withdraw all of your soldiers from afghanistan and they have to fight their own war. how you do it? unless you raise an army of half a million afghanistan soldiers. [unintelligible] not a single young boy it will remain unemployed and will not be preyed on by the smugglers, the taliban. you need to create political parties in afghanistan. indiana can help a lot. -- india can help a lot. now you are moving in the right direction in india, play a major role in afghanistan for the exit of the nato forces. thank you. >> this gentleman here. >> i am from voice of america. first of a
with president obama at the white house last night. earlier in the day netanyahu called for immediate peace talks. the palestinians want israel to free settlements, a position the obama administration supports. the white house visit was unusually low-key. afterward netanyahu cancelled a press briefing scheduled for today. >>> south korean military officials say one of its ships fired on a north korean navy vessel after it crossed over a border. the north korean ship returned fire in the yellow sea. it was heavily damaged before turning back. north korea may have initiated the conflict to draw attention as president obama sets out for asia later this week. >>> iran has officially accused those three american hikers of espionage. the charges against shane bower, sarah shepard and josh fattal came 100 days after crossing the border illegally. secretary of state hillary clinton says there's no evidence to support the charges and she is demanding their release. >>> the man accused of killing an abortion doctor tells the associated press this morning he has no regrets. scott roder confessed in a phone
. to a group called organizing for america. mr. obama wrote, "this is a night to celebrate, but not to rest." those who voted for reform deserve our thanks. the next phase of the fight has already begun. he then points to the process in the senate saying insurance companies and other special interests are already pushing to bury the bill as he put it. then he asked people to contribute $25 or whatever they can afford so we can finish this fight, as he said. now he did not mention that the problem in the senate is that there are several democrats along with all the republicans who have serious misgivings about several of the proposals on the senate side. especially a government healthcare plan, the so-called public option. the concerns of key democrats on that issue will have to be overcome. to get a bill passed out of the senate. shannon? > >> shannon: a long uphill battle. thank you for the update. the house passed the legislation by 220-215 vote and with support from a single republican. joining us more with the political implications, sam youngman from "the hill newspaper" and political
. >>> president obama is claiming the self-proclaimed master mind of the 9/11 attacks will be convicted and executed. >>> and kathleen sebelius weighs in on the guidelines. >>> a store owner was able to wrestle a gun away from a would-be robbe and shoot and kill the man. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. this happened last night on the food zone store on livingston road. today the owner spoke out about the incident. pat collins has more. >> reporter: in this armed robbery, it's the suspect honeded up dead. killed with his own gun. this is john jiang. he's a former soldier in the korean army, that training may have saved his life last night. mr. jiang owns the food zone convenience store in ft. washington. he's owned the store for five years. he's been robbed here three times. a couple years ago, mr. jiang installed bullet-proof cage around the cash registers. it gave him a sense of safety until last night. around 9:30 last night, two men, both wearing masks, both carrying silver guns, come into the convenience store. the robbery's on. >> he saw me andith the gun said
. >> they remember the 13 victims of the shooting rampage at fort hood. president obama told stories about each of the victims whose empty boots lined the wall. pictures of each of the fallen also on display. army psychiatrist is suspected of hoping fire on his comrades and remains in the hospital this morning. he has met with his lawyer. that son will answer to charges in military court because he is active duty and the incident happened on a military post. >>> there is now a difference of opinion at the pentagon about which officials had knowledge of that son's contact with a radical cleric. a. have a investigator wrote an assessment including the contact did not advocate violence and concluded that that was the case. a military official now denies prior knowledge that hasan had any knowledge with muslim extremists. >>> former president bill clinton was on capitol hill. what republicans are saying this morning about his push for health care reform. >>> mayor fenty apologizing for backing up traffic during his bike ride. now, a new current about his workout habits. details after the break. we'
to this program. bill: in march of this year, president obama talked about the economy and the attention that needed to be paid to the deficit. >> let's do what we need to do to get through the difficult times, make some investments in health care, energy, education, that will lay the foundation for long-term economic growth. but let's also start making some tough choices about the deficit as soon as we get out of this recovery. bill: we are still climbing out of recovery. çsome would say that the jobs situation is about time, but can we sustain when you are talking about? the first >> side says we cannot afford it. we are -- >> the first side says we cannot afford it. we are being lectured by china. on the otxe  side, we cannot afford not to have a job creation projects. johnson is a core part of our economic problems. --job jobs is a core part of our economic problems. bill: he will be back in the next hour. we will be talking about some of the pressure is coming onto the white house. alisyn: to add insult to economic injury, the white house admitted we made and billions of improper
to draw attention as president obama sets out for asia later this week. >>> iran has officially accused those three american hikers of espionage. the charges against shane bower, sarah shepard and josh fattal came 100 days after crossing the border illegally. secretary of state hillary clinton says there's no evidence to support the charges and she is demanding their release. >>> the man accused of killing an abortion doctor tells the associated press this morning he has no regrets. scott roder confessed in a phone call and said he did it to protect unborn children. he's charged with shooting dr. george tiller at a wichita, kansas, church in may. tiller was among only a few doctors who performed late-term abortions. >>> a vote on legalizing same-sex marriage could come as early as today in the new york senate. gay rights advocates hosted rallies in manhattan and elsewhere throughout the state. the prospects for passage are very uncertain because there are not enough supporters in the state senate. >>> 1 million baby strollers are being recalled because of a hinge that can sever children
jersey, even though president obama had stumped for the democrats. is it a repudiation of the president and what does it mean for the democratic party natiwide? this morning, the view from both sides. >>> tragic end. three missing college softball players found dead inside a jeep submerged in a north dakota pond, two days after they placed panic calls to friend. this morning, what investigators think happened. >>> and 100 days to vancouver, and as you can see, we're throwing an olympic-size party on the plaza today, wednesday, november 4th, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning, and welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm meredith vieira. that's either the olympics music or the triumphant march of the republicans yesterday. we're being told the president did not watch the election results, but i bet he's hearing them this morning. >> didn't want to watch, probably. the biggest win in new jersey where chris christie narrowly defeated jon corzine. president obama stumped for corzine five times, three times in the last week alone
with president obama. families of the wounded and victims released from the hospital will be recognized as well. as fortunate ceremony itself the commander at ft. hood says it will be a traditional military memorial. >> it'll be a short sermon and it'll conclude with some music and then the traditional roll call, the names of the dead and it'll have a "21-gun salute." >> reporter: but the tribute just the start of what will be a long and difficult recovery here. >> needing the entire resources of the united states army are at the disposal of ft. hood. >> reporter: for many, one of the most trying issues is getting past the fear that this post, their home, is no longer safe or secure. as the victims and this shattered community look for answers so do investigators. there is word now the suspected gunman major nidal malik hasan is conscious and talking and though his attorney wants to make sure those conversations are limited. >> until i meet with my client i've advised appropriate military officials that no interviews, no interrogations should be conducted by law enforcement. >> reporter: right
>>> the brother of president obama. we meet him fresh off a meeting with his famous siblg in china, plus, what's at stake for our national security as the president now lands in south korea. >>> your eyes popped when you saw the latest airline prices. well, keep those eyes opened. airlines are saying they are going to keep the special holiday surcharges past the holidays. >>> and then, why that's quite a nice blouse you're wearing there today. sucking up to your boss. does it work? a new study tells us which bosses can smell it when you're putting it on thick and which cannot. >>> all that this hour on "morning express." i'm richard lui. >>> first off, pirates attacked the "maersk alabama" for the second time. pirates fired automatic weapons at the ship this morning. private security guards on the ship fired back and turned them away. now, "maersk alabama" probably sounds familiar to you, because it was hijacked in april. in april, pirates took captain richard phillips hostage five days before the navy freed him. these hijackings are increasing. 29 successful hijackings this year a
clayton: president obama pardoning the annual thanksgiving turkey what's it like from the turkey's perspective? a bird's eye view roaming through the halls of the white house on its way being pardoned or possibly executed. janine from johnstown new york, for news i only watch, "fox & friends," it's the best so i don't make amends. happy thanksgiving. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- clayton: look at those graphics. happy thanksgiving, everyone. welcome here to "fox & friends" on this thanksgiving morning. rick folbaum and saintsly -- ainsley earhardt. ainsley: macy's day parade. very busy time to be here. >> the parade has a new route this year. >> they do. they turned broadway into a big pedestrian mall. they had to move the parade. it used to go through "times" square. they have to make a beeline arranged it this year. you can see some of the floats. they are getting ready on the upper west side of manhattan. that's where they start and they move down in front of macy's. clayton: look down here in t
to us a spirit of joy and hope, amen. please, be seated. >> president and mrs. obama, cavender perry, secretary gates, governor shinsecki, secretary mccue, admiral and mrs. mullen, sergeant major of the army preston, distinguished visitors from our nation capitol and the state of texas, soldiers, civilians, and most of all families and friends, thank you for being with us today. today, we gathered to mourn the loss of 13 american heroes. they are drawn from 11 different states across the nation, they answered the call of service to others. they ranged in age from 19 to 62. three were women and 10 more men. among them, they had 19 children and one of them had a child on the way. they had hobbies that range from playing the guitar and drums to snowboarding. each of them brought joy to their friends and family. the biggest trade they have in common was to volunteer to be part of something bigger than themselves and serve our great nation. in doing so, they became members of our extended kwame family. our hearts and prayers go out to those families who mourn the loss of this terrible tra
was thinking, why did we get this mysteriously strong recovery. when you look back to when obama was inaugurated, things looked pretty dismal and cents and then the stock market have gone up 60%, the housing market has shown a sharp turnaround, 2.8% gdp growth. what did it? christina roemer, head of the council of economic advisers, would claim credit but you kind of wonder. i think it might involve some other things that are more -- that would have happened anyway. host: of used the words a couple of times, self ability properties. does that factor into your conclusions as to why we changed our mind about the economy perhaps? guest: absolutely. what i was calling for was a turn to the common-sense view of the economy that a lot of people have had, even going back to the great depression, that it is driven by confidence and confidence in our mind. if we get more confident, at the same time it all comes back. unfortunately most economists don't seem to refer to that as a central factor in the economy. a host cut in your mind, was the confidence coming from the present as saying th
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